Regenerative therapy in ophthalmology

There are various eye diseases that scourge the modern society. The number of people affected by certain ophthalmic pathologies is growing steadily, and the trend, unfortunately, isn't encouraging at all. And there's a great number of reasons for it — ever-increasing urbanization of society, environmental decline, new informational technologies, industrial disasters, the growing military and domestic injuries have their negative impact on the functioning of many organs and systems of the human body, including the eyes. According to the WHO with the current situation the number of blind people in the world will double by 2020. Immediate action must be taken if not to solve the problem of progressing blindness in the population, then at least to reduce its severity.

Until recently, doctors of various clinics could nothing but “shrug” in order to help their patients. A mechanistic approach in modern opthalmology has been practiced commonly. A cataract diagnosed – clouded lens is to be replaced with an artificial one; сlouded cornea — with a donor one, obtained from a dead body. It's possible to replace the vitreous body with transparent artificial silicone, and all those methods are justified and have right to be, but the medicine is moving forward, so the patient can be provided with a completely different approach for treatment of various eye diseases, which has been considered incurable just until now and was to cause gradual loss of vision up to total blindness. There is a way!

The technique is Regenerative Therapy in Ophthalmology.

One of the most intractable problems is considered to be the pathology associated with the violation of the eye’s receptor function (that perceive and process a visual signal), with the damage of neurons that form the optic nerve.

The receptor unit can be conventionally considered peripheral part of the brain. The myth of the irreversibility of neural disorders in general and optic nerve or retina atrophy in particular still prevails among both patients and doctors. Modern medicine hasn’t been able to help the patients with such conditions, condemning them to progressive blindness or reduced visual acuity. Those conditions include macular degeneration, optic nerve atrophy, chorioretinal degeneration, autoimmune eye diseases, hereditary pathologies, retinal abiotrophy. The effective treatment for optic nerve atrophy and macular degeneration is an important ophthalmological issue that hasn’t been resolved until recently.

The goal of promoting autonomous natural regeneration (recovery) of the organs of sight seemed unreachable until the Russian academician V. P. Filatov has discovered a method of tissue therapy. The discovery he made was that the donor tissue, deprived of nutrition and placed in low temperature conditions, can stimulate the recipient body’s processes of life in general and the eyes in particular. Initially, tissue therapy has been used in ophthalmology, but soon other doctors, too, have begun to successfully apply this technique for the treatment of many other diseases.

Medical science now is experiencing a new qualitative rise. There’re new techniques and sections of the science and practical medicine that are appearing. With the tissue therapy basis the biomedicine has developed, as have its fields – tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The term “autologous stem cells transplantation”, used by some doctors, being basically true though, does not fully reflect the essence of the methodology. The “regenerative therapy” would be more correct.

The very approach to the treatment of eye diseases is changing, aided by new discoveries in the field of fundamental knowledge for pathophysiology, the latest developments in the organotypic (tissue structure similar to the original healthy one) regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. The symptomatic and the syndromic approaches, practiced until recently, should soon give way to the regenerative methods which do not just remove the manifestation of the disease, but are to restore the very fabric of the organ’s structure and functionality, with the drug therapy ceasing to be relevant. Simply put, the doctors used to just treat the eye, and not always successfully, but now they’ve learned to “grow” a new healthy organ or its parts.

In our country, the priorities of the study, implementation and development of regenerative medicine has gradually been lost. Major developments now underway in North America and Europe. Only few clinics have the opportunity to treat patients by means of the regenerative therapy, and one of those few is our clinic. Our experts have developed and introduced several inventions in ophthalmology, which obtained related patents.

Due to this treatment we succeeded to improve vision of patients with a range of ophthalmic pathologies, which would be doomed to blindness or laboveta and which the doctors would be unable to help to just recently.

We’ve been successfully performing:

  • - optic nerve atrophy treatment;
  • - partial optic nerve atrophy treatment;
  • - retinal dystrophy treatment;
  • - macular degeneration treatment;
  • - dry macular degeneration treatment;
  • - wet macular degeneration treatment;
  • - retinal pigment abiotrophy treatment;
  • - glaucomatous optic nerve atrophy treatment.


Thanks to the procedures we developed it became possible to achieve the regeneration of the eye tissue, the optic nerve and their functions.

Dynamic observation has revealed a positive effect on almost every patient – field of view expanding and visual acuity improving. Given the disease wasn’t caused by a genetic disorder or a prolonged chronic pathology, a full recovery has been observed it almost every case. In case of genetic and chronic diseases, when a recovery of the eye was not practically possible, we observed a halt in pathology’s progression and a regression of it to an earlier stage.

In order to consolidate the achieved results, we recommend a regular examination by our clinic’s specialists to all of our patients, as well as a second course of treatment if necessary.

If your case was dropped by everyone and your vision is continuously decreasing – we can perform the most advanced treatment and recover your lost vision.